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Heavy duty bar tables and stools. Suitable for all sporting clubs, public bars, sports bars, games rooms etc.


  • Need a table that gets Macka, Davo, Smitty and Nudge away from the bar and out of the way?
  • Need somewhere to whack the wallet and keys while having a sip after training?
  • Bartables, AKA dry bars, will get blokes out of doorways, walkways, and stop them dagging around the bar.
  • All of our Bar Tables are powder coated Hammertone black, so they don't always look dirty and stained.
  • Tables to stand at 110 cm high, so Pee Wee and Stretch can easily drink with Shorty and Stumpy.
  • Tables weigh about 25 kgs, so even if killer and Boof, get a bit feisty, they still won't knock one over.
  • Table tops come in 2 sizes, 60 cm which is ideal for 3 blokes to stand around and have a drink,
  • Or 70 cm which 4 blokes could comfortably have a beer at, and maybe a Chicken Parma, or a mixed grill without elbowing each other and spilling drinks everywhere.
  • All tables and stools have a dome shaped bottom, so when Bangers leans on it, it won't tip over.

    Tables go for $160 bucks, but get the Prez to ask for a discount if you're ordering more than a couple.

    Call us on (03)  9338 9533 or email us at